Alexander Yasin, a trailblazer in the realms of healing and consciousness, catapulted into entrepreneurial prominence with the global phenomenon SpiritHoods, showcased on ABC’s Shark Tank. His journey transcends entrepreneurial glamour, rooted in pioneering the revolutionary LightForce Healing Modality™ which has been recognized as the “most effective and efficient self-healing modality on the planet.” With a focus on natural healing and Purpose embodiment, Yasin empowers thousands to overcome emotional and physical afflictions, from cancer to mental health challenges of every kind. Beyond individual empowerment, his vision extends to Kenya, where he is establishing a world-class healing center with his Twin Flame and wife Shayoon. Here, the paradigm shifts from mere “wellness” to profound “healing,” offering a transformative experience for all who seek it. Additionally, Yasin is spearheading efforts to integrate LightForce Healing™ into corporate and wellness spaces, enhancing company cultures and ultimately increasing stakeholder satisfaction and bottom lines.