Over 50 years ago, Azza Fahmy initiated her journey towards being one of the most esteemed jewellery designers in the MEA region. With a profound purpose, Azza Fahmy has taken the role of translating the region’s culture and international art and historic references to the world, through contemporary jewellery design that reflects her unique research approach and craftsmanship preservation. The notion of Azza Fahmy as a brand takes place at the 1969 Egyptian Book Fair, while stumbling upon a German art book about the classical jewellery of Medieval Europe. Upon viewing, she is instantly struck with inspiration and passion, thus beginning the successful journey that is Azza Fahmy Jewellery. Continuing in her day job, she became an apprentice in Khan El Khalili, Egypt’s ancient jewellery quarter where she spent her evenings learning with one of the craft’s most respected masters – the first woman to achieve this. This was followed in the mid-1970s by a scholarship from the British Council where she completed her jewellery craft education at the City of London Polytechnic. She has also transferred her talents to architectural design, with solar technology company KarmSolar. In 2013, she independently funded and established the successful ‘Design Studio by Azza Fahmy’ (DSAF), the first design education hub of its kind in the region. Azza Fahmy travels internationally as a cultural ambassador for her country, her dedication to her craft and exquisitely designed jewellery has won her international recognition that boasts a diverse client list attracting jewellery connoisseurs from around the world including royalty and stage and screen. Azza works in partnership with her daughters Fatma Ghaly, Managing Director and Amina Ghali, Head of Design. Celebrated as one of Egypt’s most influential women, Azza’s craft has captured the attention of cultural and fashion cognoscenti and has seen her collaborate with world renowned designers, for all of whom she curated pieces to complement their collections.