Basma Al-Maydan is a founding member of the Middle East region of the Programme and Budget Committee of the organization’s Executive Board. During the General Assembly (22) of the organization in China, she was selected to be Vice-Chair of the specialized committee for the preparation of the final draft of the UNWTO Framework Convention, on the first United Nations International Tourism Charter. Al-Mayman believes in the power of learning and development and building a big one of her work in this six-part cod art, so she has taken the trend. In addition, Al-Mayman, in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization, contributed to the conduct of national tourism studies. Forbes magazine ranked the Middle East, Basma Abdulaziz Al-Mayman, the regional director for the Middle East at the World Tourism Organization, ranked 13th among the most powerful 100 Arab women in 2020 and the only one from the tourism sector in the region to register as the first Gulf official in the organization and the first woman in this position in this history in this prestigious ranking, and is for itself the position of the international organization.