Dalia Mubarak, 32-year-old Saudi singer, is known for her distinctive sound that blends contemporary musical genres such as R&B, and Gulf melodies, which sees her enjoy a close relationship with the Kingdom’s young audiences. The Saudi singer released her first song Galabt Eltawlah in 2014, composed by Emirati artist Fayez Al Saeed, the “ambassador of melody.” Her debut was met with acclaim and Mubarak has since stormed the professional music scene with due confidence. She subsequently released several successful singles, including Areen Al Ashq, Damet Ghala, Qedar Qedar, Beni O Bink, and Fariq An Alnass. In 2020, she offered her first song in Egyptian dialect, Elly Yemshy 3ady, written by Amr Al Masry and composed by Mostafa Al Shuaibi, which she believes is one of her most important steps as it opened more doors, exposing her to new audiences. The star explains that she trained her voice by listening to the music of the Golden Age, which influenced her artistic tastes, particularly the songs of Kawkab El Sharq, aka Umm Kulthum, and Neighbors to the Moon by Fairuz; she considers these singers and melodies companions on her journey. As a mother of two children, she raises them with the principles she inherited from her own parents and encourages them to be self-confident and honest with others. She furthers that she considers herself to be helping dissolve any preconceived notions society has created about Arab women. Not only does the star aptly represent Arab women, but she is also keen to support them. “I have a voice that speaks to my generation, and always try — through my work or meetings — to be a source of inspiration for them,” she explains. “My cause is our empowerment because we represent half of society and are influential,” she continues. “We are the mothers and the first teachers. This is the direction of our wise leadership that supports women’s empowerment, and that’s what we have felt in the recent period through decisions made in our favor.