Dennis Yudchitz, an accomplished entrepreneur in healthtech and IT, brings over a decade of professional experience in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. Following this, he dedicated another 10 years to personal projects focused on fitness and wellness. His notable contributions to the field earned him the prestigious title of Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 in the “Healthcare” category by EY.

As the visionary force driving a suite of successful wellness and healthtech initiatives, Dennis has pioneered Lifemost, an AI-powered corporate well-being platform. Lifemost has forged partnerships with esteemed companies in UAE.

Dennis is not only a dedicated entrepreneur but also a passionate advocate for wellness. His commitment extends to building communities centered around physical and mental well-being. With a keen interest in endurance sports and mindfulness practices like ice baths, meditations, and freediving, Dennis Yudchitz truly embodies a holistic approach to health.