Dr. Arshi Ayub Zaveri, CEO of Trust With Trade Group, is a distinguished business professional renowned for her remarkable achievements and contributions. Throughout her illustrious career spanning 16 years, Dr. Arshi has been honored with prestigious accolades, including the “Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award” in 2021 and the “Mother Teresa Memorial Award” in 2022, bestowed by the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs. Recognized as an “Emerging Business Leader” by the British Parliament in 2022 and awarded the “Most Influential Young Leader Award” by Asia One in 2023, her impact on the global stage is profound. Dr. Arshi holds academic credentials in Public Policy Economics from the University of Oxford and earned her Doctorate in International Business in 2022. As CEO of Trust with Trade Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE, she oversees a fully integrated international company spanning various sectors such as oil & gas, manufacturing, mining, waste management, neuroscience, and biotechnology. Additionally, she serves as a Senior Investment Advisor for multiple family offices in the UAE and is the Founder and CEO of Oxygenate, a sustainability enterprise focusing on global climate change and renewable energy solutions. Dr. Arshi’s commitment to social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and empowering women-led startups underscores her dedication to creating positive change on a global scale.