Dr. Farida is a leader in Health Strategic planning and Public Health Excellence in Abu Dhabi. She is a professional expert in public health, infectious diseases epidemiology as well as emergency preparedness and has done active work in this field. Dr. Farida holds a DrPH and MPH degree from in John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Master’s in Security and Strategic studies from NDC. She gained Diploma in Public Sector Innovation from Cambridge and Mohamed Bin Rashid school of innovation. She

Dr. Farida has worked and participated in forming the policies and standards related to infectious diseases and public health in Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates. She led the development of electronic surveillance systems for infectious diseases and established the Communicable Diseases Bulletin a quarterly summary of infectious diseases in Abu Dhabi emirate and leads the editorial board as well as the scientific board of the bulletin. In addition, Dr. Farida led research for MERS-CoV and TB in UAE and has several publications in scientific journals