Since October 2016, Dr. Aljadhey has been appointed as an Executive President of
Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), based in Riyadh. He is leading his energetic team
to achieve the SFDA vision to be a leading international science-based regulator to
protect and promote public health. He worked with stakeholders to develop and and
execute the SFDA strategy. In his role in the SFDA he is responsible for observing the
safety, and effectiveness of food and drug for humans and animal, cosmetics and
pesticides and the safety of medical devices and its impact on public health in the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In addition to his leadership responsibilities at the SFDA, he is a member in the Saudi
Health Council. And he is member of several boards including: Saudi Standards,
Metrology And Quality Organization, Saudi Center for Disease Prevention and Control,
National Unified Procurement Company, Saudi Patient Safety Center, National
Institute of Health Research.