Dr. Shaikha Almazrouei, an accomplished researcher and speaker in the field of biotechnology. Dr. Almazrouei received her PhD from King’s College London, where she studied liver transplant using hepatocyte microbes. She also holds an MSC from UAEU, where she researched the genetic basis of familial hypercholesterolemia, and a Bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology from the same institution.

As an active member of the International Stem Cells Research Association (ISCCR) and the International society of Cell and Gene Therapy, Dr. Almazrouei is committed to advancing research in the field of biotechnology. She also serves as the Head of the UAE Stem Cell Group and as a Lead Researcher with the Biotechnology Research Centre at the Abu Dhabi Technology Innovation Institute.

Dr. Almazrouei has contributed to several high-profile projects, including the establishment of the Emirate Genome with G42, the establishment of DNA fingerprinting for the UAE Armed Forces and AD police fingerprint unit, and as a research assistant at Khalifa University.

Dr. Almazrouei is dedicated to empowering biotechnology researchers and fostering innovation in the UAE. Her research interests include genomics and regenerative medicine.