Eman is the Accreditation Program in Charge Officer at National Training Academy, responsible for reviewing, editing, amending written policies, procedures, and processes to comply with accrediting body standards. she is also responsible for ensuring that National Training Academy is properly and adequately prepared to demonstrate its compliance documentation during the on-site assessment visit of accrediting body. And successfully she led the institution to get a Five years accreditation with no identified weakness.

She is honored to be appointed as the Head of Speakers’ Selection and Communication Committee at the world youth forum. The World Youth Forum has been internationally acknowledged and praised on several occasions by several international entities. It was endorsed and recognized by the United Nations Human Rights at its 41st session for its valuable contributions in addressing global youth issues. Furthermore, it was recognized as an international platform for youth empowerment at the United Nations Economic and Social Council in its 59th session, as well as the Union for the Mediterranean.

She is a PhD. holder and Associate professor at Maternal and Newborn Health Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing, Helwan University where she teaches third-year students in the field of women’s Health and obstetric emergencies. Eman’s research interests focus on women’s Health research field. She has published a book and a scientific paper entitling the topic of cervical cancer prevention and early detection

She currently serves as a co-editor of Helwan International Journal of Nursing Research and Practices responsible for overseeing the entire editorial review process ensure the integrity and fairness, and selecting scientific papers that provide new, original, and important contributions to knowledge in alignment with scope and policy of the journal.

She served as part of Consultancy Steering Team at National Training Academy, the team is offering consultation services in different areas including strategic Planning, Organizational Restructure, Media and Marketing strategies, Training and curriculum mapping, E-Learning and Information Technology. She is responsible for the part in relevance to organizational restructuring, training policies and curriculum mapping.


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