Frans has a track record in launching new and innovative payments solutions in emerging and frontier markets. He is the CEO and founder of dopay, a fintech company that offers a virtual banking platform allowing companies in frontier markets to offer financial services to (unbanked) employees and contractors. He founded dopay because he believes that a bank account is a basic human need in today’s connected world. As a serial fintech entrepreneur, he built the automated clearing house platform of Egypt, which handles the country’s interbank payment transactions. He advised several Central Banks and postal organizations in frontier markets regarding their payments and financial inclusion strategies. Before Frans became an entrepreneur, he worked at ACI Worldwide and ING. He holds a master’s degree in Strategic and International Management. About dopay: Over 200 million businesses in emerging and frontier markets still rely on cash payments to employees, contractors and other beneficiaries. Over 1.7 billion people do not even have a bank account despite having a job. Dopay breaks this cash cycle. Dopay is a B2B2C virtual banking platform that allows companies to pay all workers electronically at the push of a button. A business can instantly open personal accounts for their workers. The personal account comes with a debit card and a mobile app. Egypt is Dopay’s first operating market.