Kiran currently holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer for Diriyah Company and is responsible for re-establishing Diriyah’s position within the Kingdom and globally as not just as the birthplace of the Kingdom, but also as a centre for the preservation of heritage and perpetuator of Saudi culture and heritage. This pedestrian and urban city, anchored on the UNESCO World Heritage site of At-Turaif, will play a significant role in redefining Saudi Arabia as a destination.

Prior to joining Diriyah Company, Kiran’s career spanned multiple continents, where he played a key role in reinventing two of the world’s most powerful luxury brands in both the luxury yachting and luxury automotive spheres. He has established and branded progressive media platforms in the Middle East; authored two children’s story books; toured the world as an acclaimed musician and composer – and has been recognized as an influential and powerful public speaker with a creatively disruptive and strategic mind. The Australian, Perth-born, nomad studied Marine Biology and graduated in Engineering Technology from Deakin University before pursuing his Masters in Guitar from Berklee (Boston), and has lived, studied, and worked across South and Central Asia, the Middle East, Central Europe, and the United Kingdom.