Through her experience as Co-Founder & Chief Commercial officer of CBC TV Network – one of the leading TV networks in the Middle East, Manar El-Amin succeeded in introducing and profiling the network as one of Egypt’s media scene leaders. During her tenure, El-Amin acted as a market leader in content strategy, creating attractive advertising opportunities for different brands through tailored product integration and commercial strategies that fit the nature of each brand.

In addition, El-Amin led some of the top ranked media organizations in the MENA region over the past 10 years, boasting a successful track record in brand power, eventually bolstering an iron clad on constructing and optimizing commercial and communication strategies.

Believing in the power of the social impact of corporates and brands, Manar El-Amin moved on to become the CEO of RIZEK Egypt. which was the starting point for a great exposure to the Tech-Scene and start-up field. This loaded career, with all the experiences of each and every challenge in different fields, has put her in the right position, leading the commercial development of top ranked companies.