Marina El Khawand is a Global Health Equity Ambassador and the Founder of Medonations NGO, committed to providing free, equal, and equitable medical assistance across the nation. Her journey commenced at 18, in response to the Beirut explosion, when Medonations was launched.

What began as a personal endeavor quickly evolved into a global NGO, a testament to Marina’s visionary leadership. Her early engagement in humanitarian work, rooted in her Lebanese upbringing, laid a solid foundation. Marina’s commitment continued through her school years, culminating in her association with several social service actions. These experiences collectively molded her into the woman, humanitarian, and Law graduate she is today at 22, catalyzing transformative global change and ardently advocating for equal health rights. In 2022, the construction of Medonations’ Free Clinic in Beirut was initiated, equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities. This year, the impact was extended internationally by registering Medonations France and establishing its first European headquarters to enhance support for Lebanon. Medonations has made a profound impact within Lebanon’s borders, saving over 20,000 lives and covering the costs of more than 110 surgeries. In addition, Medonations launched 50 international medical collection points in over 50 countries across the globe. Her motto, “Anyone, anywhere, and at any stage of life has the potential to become a lifesaver, a catalyst for change, and a creator of hope,” drives her unwavering commitment.