Masaood Rahma Al Masaood is the Vice Chairman of Al Masaood Oil and Gas, one of the first established oil and gas suppliers and contractors in the UAE. He also serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Al Masaood Group. His dynamic leadership and industry proficiency have played a key role in Al Masaood Oil and Gas’ success as one of the leading oil and gas service companies in the GCC–bringing the latest and best technologies to the company and its customers.

Masaood holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Higher Colleges of Technology from Abu Dhabi. During this time, he began as an intern for the automobiles side of the family business, initially training as a mechanic and sales representative.

With a passion for cars, Masaood first worked for the company’s service centre–helping transform the business into becoming one of the best in the region and winning multiple awards and increasing its sales. His dedication and commitment paid off as he was later appointed as Deputy Managing Director for Al Masaood Automobiles, where he was part of the leadership team that positioned Al Masaood as one of the leading automotive company in terms of car sales with Nissan leading the total automotive market share in Abu Dhabi.

Masaood was later appointed as Vice President of Al Masaood Oil and Gas. He led the restructuring of the business, which resulted in the company’s alignment with its most importance customer, ADNOC. The company has also been awarded with several major contracts under his leadership, including the largest 3D Seismic Surveying contract, valued at over USD 1.6 billion.

Over the last few years, he has also been actively involved in several PPP projects in the UAE where he has helped in the successful acquisition of international infrastructure and port projects. In addition, Masaood is also an entrepreneur and investor–investing in the early stage of companies coming from all parts of the world. In fact, in November of 2019, Masaood initiated the establishment of the ‘Emirates Angels Investors Association,’ a non-profit association aimed at addressing the gap of early stage funding, educating and mentoring investors and entrepreneurs and providing a network for start-ups.

Masaood is an active philanthropist and a socially committed member who strives to make significant contributions to the community. Apart from launching several corporate community initiatives, he has played a prominent role in the success of the Special Olympics, which was held in Abu Dhabi in 2019. By partnering with the Zayed Higher Organization of People of Determination in the establishment of training centers, Masaood has also been instrumental in providing employment opportunities to around 100 people of determination.