An Egyptian construction engineer and entrepreneur, who launched Egypt’s first online content magazine with the intention of sparking happiness at a challenging time for the nation in 2011: what started off as Disalata, evolved into Tayarah World in 2016 to become Egypt’s first untraditional advertising boutique and veteran content hub that he co-founded and currently heads as Managing Director, where he continues to mindfully add value to brands and targeted audiences through innovative creative formats and optimized productions. Tayarah World has a portfolio of over 1000 online videos, three international creative awards, and collaborations with Egypt’s most acclaimed brands, agencies, and celebrities.

Leveraging on his passion for storytelling and impacting people and societies, in 2022, Bassiouni embarked on his first hosting experience through an original round-table digital format, “Khatwetein Li Warra” – inspired by his late brother, Hisham El Bassiouni – aimed at inspiring aspiring Egyptian entrepreneurs by providing proof that dreams are attainable through showcasing the raw, humane, and authentic stories of some of the most acclaimed businessmen in different industries across the country acquiring over a million views for its first season.

Bassiouni has an aptitude for scouting talent, both, on the corporate and creative levels, where he has a record of nurturing skills through training and creative incubation before directing them into areas of growth and sustainability: one such example is Ahmed El Ruby, a rising Egyptian singer, who with Tayarah originated “Sa2fa” – a song dedicated to the Gouna Film Festival, 2019, that gained over 10 million digital views.

A father of two, Bassiouni parents his children by creating and holding a safe space for them to discover and pursue their rooted passions, where he desires for them to follow his footsteps in breaking traditional expectations through a growth mindset that seeks knowledge and embraces failure as constructive learning.

Bassiouni’s vision is to continue to impact the region’s digital ecosystem by evolving and disrupting its content footprint leveraging on his creativity, resilience and organizational skills.