Hailing from the heart of Cairo, Noha Fekry has etched her name in the Egyptian music scene. With her soul-stirring melodies and captivating harmonies, she has carved out her own unique niche. Her blend of traditional Egyptian tunes, jazz elements, and contemporary sounds is one of a kind.

Fekry’s musical journey, ignited by a deep-seated passion for music, began in her formative years. Her commitment to refining her craft was evident from the onset. Her music, a mélange of her varied musical influences, marries traditional Arabic music with jazz elements, resulting in a sound that is both familiar and novel. This unique blend doesn’t just echo her Egyptian roots but also transcends geographical confines, resonating with an international audience.

She released her first album with pianist Rami Attallah, entitled: “A Conversation”. And releases her second album which was a live recording entitles “Live in Cairo” in 2022 with her Jazz group.

Fekry’s performances are immersive experiences, her rich and emotive voice; her introspective lyrics strike a chord with many, and her story telling style of songs transports the listeners to different worlds and different depths.

Fekry remains authentic and down-to-earth. Known for her humility, she is deeply committed to her craft and actively engages with the music community, often collaborating with other artists and participating in music workshops and festivals.

An artist who wears many hats Noha Fekry is also; a voice actress, one of Disney and Netflix arabic voices. She played in animation movies and series such as Arlo, Over the Moon, Encanto, Pocahontas, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Lion Kind, Trolls, Ferdinand, Raya, Once Upon a Studio and many more.

Fekry, a prominent figure in the Egyptian jazz scene, was a member of the Riff band from 2008 until 2016, before forming her own Jazz group.

Her influnece range from east to west. Such as Fairuz, the Rahbani brother, Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Joel and many more

Her performances are a dynamic mix of Jazz standards and Arabic and globally renowned tunes, reimagined and performed in her Jazz group’s unique style as well as her own original compositions.

In 2012, Fekry embarked on her songwriting journey, releasing two songs, “Namla”, and “The Last Lullaby”.

In 2013, she collaborated with renowned Lebanese musician and composer Ziad Rahbani at the Cairo International Jazz Festival.

In addition to leading a jazz group, Fekry took her compositions and piano playing to the stage, founding “Janan,” an Arabic art rock band. And she released with her band their very first singles throughout 2016 and started live performances in 2017.

Born in Cairo, Fekry’s early years were filled with music, thanks to her family’s passion for it. Her paternal grandfather, Fouad Yacoub, was a lute player and singer, and her father, Engineer Fekry Fouad, is a self-taught musician, singer, and choir conductor. Fekry’s household was filled with music from Fairouz, the Rahbani brothers, and classical Arabic songs from black-and-white films. As a teenager, she developed an admiration for Whitney Houston and pop music as well as Nat King Cole.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science at Cairo University, Fekry worked in the development field before deciding to dedicate herself completely to music. This decision surprised many, but Fekry believes that “nothing beats practicing what you love.”

She’s been releasing a series of original singles in the year 2023, the most recent single was the official song for Medfest-Egypt entitled “Arak” (meaning I see you). The festival’s theme this year was about stigma.