Rashid Khalaf Al Habtoor is the CEO & President of RKHBC, Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises (HTE) LLC and RKH Investments, a holding company. Mr. Al Habtoor lived in the USA for 7 years, graduating from George Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research and Computer Science. In the early ‘80s, Al Habtoor started his first business, Al Habtoor Trading Enterprises LLC with a view to contributing to the developing economy of the United Arab Emirates.

A knowledgeable and astute businessmen, Al Habtoor has a keen insight to recognize opportunities and capitalize on them, establishing himself as a much sought after Strategic Business Partner. His experience spans a broad range of diverse business portfolios which include but are not limited to Oil & Gas, Construction & Engineering, Automotive, Real Estate, Information Technology, Software Systems, Facilities Management, Communications and Food & Beverage, along with over one hundred Partnerships and Joint Ventures with companies both local and international.

A shrewd businessman, Al Habtoor established Consolidated Automotive LLC back in 1996 – a successful arm of AHTE focusing on the sale of Mitsubishi vehicles, followed by Al Habtoor Properties (2008), a property management and brokerage company.

Through his education and experience, Mr. Al Habtoor received a Leadership Award from Dubai Chamber of Commerce and industry. He has also been honored by Dubai Business Council four times, with his last award being for “Strategic Partnership in UAE”s developing Economy”.

Mr. Al Habtoor’s vision is to continue the growth of UAE’s Economy by maintaining the focus on Strategic Partnership through various business channels including Business Development of New Projects, Establishing Robust Government Relations & Business Consultation via his company, RKH-BC.com

A firm believer in the Greek proverb “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” translated means “a Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”, Al Habtoor is extremely health conscious and avidly works out each day. He has a passion for life, particularly when it comes to his family, his friends and polo. His passion for polo was so strong that he, along with his brothers, opened his own Polo Club, Dubai Polo Club and the Habtoor Polo Resort & Spa. He is also Patron of the Al Mahra Polo team. His family has sponsored the Al Habtoor Royal Windsor Cup in London, UK for several years with Al Habtoor having played alongside Prince Charles and Prince Harry. Whilst Al Habtoor is known for being a tough yet fair businessman, he is equally known for his philanthropic endeavors. He is a keen advocate for supporting the local community and simultaneously nurturing both local and international charity organizations.