Roy Koyess stands out in the entrepreneurial world for turning his passion for healthy snacking into reality with the creation of Freakin’ Healthy, and its American counterpart, Freakin’ Wholesome. His journey from being a director at Johnson & Johnson to establishing beloved brands shows his dedication to wellness and innovation. Roy, a proud alumnus of Concordia University, has leveraged his background to offer wholesome snacks that taste great, resonating with a broad audience. A resident of Dubai since 2003, Roy has established himself as a respected name in the food industry, celebrated not just for his product line but also for his contribution to the community. Roy emphasizes the importance of continual learning and self-improvement, a philosophy that permeates the culture of his companies. His holistic approach to business goes beyond profit, aiming to enhance the world one healthy snack at a time, thus creating a legacy that underscores the importance of wellness in everyday life.