Sami Amin is the Senior Director of Operations at Careem since July 2019. Sami joined Careem after the tech company acquired his startup, Cyacle, to help create and execute the vision of the super app, with a core focus on mobility. Born in Germany, Sami grew up in the United Arab Emirates and spent his life between Germany and the United Kingdom. Sami earned a Master of Engineering from the University of Nottingham as well as a Master of Finance from the London School of Economics. Following his studies, Sami joined J.P Morgan as an algorithmic trader for four years before founding his company Cyacle, the first micro-mobility operator in their region, of which he took on the role of CEO and managing partner for three years. Cyacle proved to be one the most successful public bike share schemes in the Middle East and was acquired by Careem, an achievement Sami is notably proud of. Through his work, Sami aims to make a positive impact on society and support the vision of a more sustainable future through alternative transportation such as using bikes for daily commutes. Sami heads the operation team of over fifty employees and hopes to inspire them to achieve their maximum potential. Aligned with the company’s purpose, Sami embraces Careem’s culture and believes he is working alongside great leaders and inspiring talents. He envisions himself spearheading the micro-mobility agenda across the region and supporting the adoption of public transportation.