Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering with a Bachelor’s degree in Calo Rios

in Architecture and also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Diploma

Project Management from the University of Cambridge.

Shady Samir heads a group of companies Select International which is the position that

he occupied since 2016 until now, and during this position, Samir was able to participate in the establishment of three different companies supplying Europe and the Middle East

and Africa with an advanced series of information technology systems and data solutions.

Prior to that, Samir held several positions in leading companies in the field of project management and engineering commercial. Samir’s career developed, as he started his life as a commercial engineer at the Arab International Company and many successful projects. Sameer joined AIC Steel Construction, supervised and contributed to the project

To DMS, which specializes in document management systems and the first for software solutions, as a manager for projects.After that, Samir turned, using his long experience in this field, to build important partnerships and alliances; A strategy with the largest ICT companies in the world, to achieve profitable results for both parties and to provide a unified and unique model that brings together the same goal.