Founder/CEO-Family Business & NextGen Global Movement/Multicultural FamBiz&Office Coach-Mentor/Agr. Engineer/Multilingual Public Speaker/Top50 GlobalAwardsWinner/Author/Podcaster/Global Business Events Ambassador

Silvana Mariel Muñoz is an Argentinian but a World Citizen who will settle up in DUBAI in 2023/24. She self-defines as a dreamer but proactive, and a resilient soul with a high passion for travel, cultures, languages, and diversity since her childhood.

It is the Best Time to Write the Most Inspiring Storytelling as Integrated Generations. That´s why with more than 30 years of global professional background, she has been working as an agricultural engineer, ontological and executive coach, design thinking consultant, trainer, and facilitator supporting entrepreneurs, agribusiness, farmers’ peers’ groups (Women+Men), and family businesses of ALL THE SECTORS by challenging, and empowering, and inspiring them to go Beyond Their Worlds. she always found her role as acting as a nexus or bridge between Owners and Employees, Founders and Successors, Men and Women, Seniors and Juniors Generations, Businesses Opportunities Actors, closing the Gap. As an Agricultural Engineer, she was the 1st woman to be part of the Regional Coordinators Board in a Farmers’ Association with 18 colleagues Men, getting involved more women later.

A pioneer in travelling globally for studying and networking since the 90’s-2000’s, she expanded her horizons globally through internships and training with amazing experiences to share with youth. Since 2016 she has been travelling to attend and participate as an International Multilingual Speaker, Facilitator, Coach and Author in a huge amount of Congresses, Webinars, Surveys, Research, Conferences, Workshops and Sessions at Universities, Podcasts and YouTube talks.

This 2023 will be participating in person and virtually at global Events focused on Sustainability, Investments, Business Opportunities, NextGen, Education, Family Business and Family Offices as a Guest speaker, Keynote sessions and workshops/training as well. in Asia, MENA, Europe, Africa, and Latam.

She was appointed “Distinguished Member of the Board of Directors-Advisory Council of A.A.S.G.O.N – Africa Asia Scholars of Global Network in December 2021.

Award Winner of the “Top 50 Global Professional & Career Women Awards – Twelfth Edition” Dubai June 2022. “Business Role Model of the Year” category organized by WIM Sri Lanka (Women In Management) & S.L Business Council in Dubai and more global business magazine features and awards.- Co-Author of “She Dares” book by MENA Speakers, Pre-launched on !9th November 2021, ExpoDubai2020 with 36 inspirational women, unique Argentinian. Featured in Indian Magazines, Global Talk Shows, and other events. At present it is being nominated for several awards and Magazines/book features at Global Business Events (GCPIT Global Leaders / SMES Street India, WIM Sri Lanka-Maldives, Canada-Dubai/ Dubai Magazines and much more still in process).

As Author she is writing the interactive Ebook “WoMenITY”- Family Businesses & Family Offices WoMen Beyond Own Cultures, CuLtUrEs and CULTURES”.