Suhaib Ajlouni, a Jordanian-Romanian entrepreneur and engineer, co-founded Cybervize with a mission to innovate AI-powered cybersecurity solutions. As the CTO, Suhaib’s leadership has been pivotal in steering the startup towards creating cutting-edge defenses against cyber threats. His broad expertise is grounded in leading technical teams through complex projects at notable companies such as Mercedes-Benz AG and Ford Motor Company.
Suhaib’s pursuit of knowledge is evident in his academic endeavors, as he embarks on a Doctor of Business Administration at UCAM, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement. Suhaib’s influence extends beyond his own journey. As a passionate mentor, he’s guiding the next generation of tech learners, creating a vibrant community of 1,000 mentors helping thousands of Mentees around the globe. His agile expertise and mentorship skills have transformed countless careers, underscoring his dedication to fostering talent and leadership within the tech community.
Suhaib’s professional profile reflects his passion for innovation, leadership, and creating transformative solutions in the tech industry. Through his achievements, Suhaib Ajlouni not only shapes the present but also lights the way for future generations in the tech landscape.