Surinder has 25 years experience in HR Leadership & Transformational Coaching with
significant international and Middle East experience. She holds a BA Hons Degree in
Business & HR, a Diploma in Executive Coaching, she is an NLP Practioner, and is accredited
in many psychometric assessment tools.
She has been a key speaker at WIBCON Lahore 2024, HR EXPO Middle East 2021, HR
Summit Saudi 2020, Higher Education Summit Dubai 2017, EXPO Middle East HR Summit
Dubai 2016.
Surinder has worked within complex multi-billion-dollar businesses, Joint Ventures, start-ups,
mature operating environments and mergers and acquisitions, across a number of industries
which include Banking and Finance, Professional Services, Insurance, EPC Oil and Gas.
In addition to her business expertise, Surinder is driven by a profound commitment to
personal transformation, and has delved into the realms of inner work, guided by renowned
masters and mentors in the field of consciousness and transformation of the mind for a life of
success and bliss.
Surinder’s transformation has inspired her to extend the benefits of consciousness work to
organizations. She now channels her expertise into delivering diverse programs and offering
coaching and mentoring services to business leaders, women in leadership, and emerging
talent. Her primary objective is to instil awareness of the profound connection between the
heart and mind in elevating consciousness within both the business and its employees.
Through this approach, she facilitates transformative journeys from within, fostering growth
at both organizational and individual levels.