Virginie Seurat is a French entrepreneur with an international background, specialized
in leadership and driven towards building a sustainable economy.
During her 18 years in high-level marketing management for luxury brands and
international groups in Paris, London, Hong-Kong and Dubai, she applied her strategic
thinking and focus on achievement to leverage evolutions in the projects she lead.
Virginie is now committed to the development of alternative mobility solutions through
Seabubbles’ technologies of energy optimization.
The focus on facing climate change with low to zero emission vehicles is generating a
major market change and is opening the door to cutting-edge innovation. Seabubbles
conceives hydrofoils powered by hydrogen designed for urban and inter-urban
transportation, a new way to consider water infrastructures and zero emission boats along
with clean energy supplies.
As SeaBubbles’ General Manager, Virginie is dedicated on accelerating the
company’s development with strong partnerships and open it to new markets around the
world, willing to make the transition toward green mobility solutions.