Dr. Waleed Sadek is the visionary Founder & CEO of PaySky, a leading digital payment solutions provider established in 2017. Under his leadership, PaySky expanded to 18 countries and has forged groundbreaking partnerships with central banks, financial institutions, and telecom operators, introducing cutting-edge electronic payment across the Middle East and Africa.

During his tenure at Visa, Dr. Sadek held key roles, including head of the Innovation and New Technologies Department for the Middle East and North Africa, and Manager of Visa Global Strategy for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA).

With over two decades in financial services digitization, he’s a serial entrepreneur, leading successful ventures like BITEL EMEA and Wind Technologies.

In February 2022, Paysky made waves with the launch of “Yalla Super App” a groundbreaking initiative in collaboration with the Egyptian Post and Visa. The Yalla Card and app exceeded expectations, attracting over 1.5 million users and facilitating more than 8 million transactions, surpassing 7 billion Egyptian pounds within a year. Paysky is now expanding Yalla Super App and Card across the Middle East and Africa.