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Biztech Talk is a series of digital roundtables that aim to highlight the digital transformation journey of some of the most digitally advanced countries in the MENA region. Highlighting country specific transformation efforts pre and post COVID-19, the roundtables will deep dive into the biggest digitalization trends, challenges, and opportunities from across industries. Conversations will also look at how the government sectors are adapting to and implementing digital transformation in their operations.

25 November 2020 - 12:00 pm GST

Digital Infrastructure & Big Data as Key Pillars of Oman’s future - A Hybrid Cloud Approach

The Oman 2040 vision stresses on leadership in digital transformation and innovation to boost the economy and the prosperity of society. With digital infrastructure as one of the strategic pillars, organizations need to be ready to address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s workloads. Data will be central to the economy and to implementing smart cities, and this is set to cause changes across varying sectors. How can Oman’s prominent oil & gas, finance & banking, and transportation sectors make use of big data and digitalization infrastructure to remain competitive and support Oman’s government vision?


13 October 2020 - 12:00 pm GST

Vision 2035: Kuwait's Journey To Digitalization

Under its vision 2035, Kuwait aims to become a “Financial and Commercial Hub” of the Middle East. In a bid to move away from an Oil and Gas dependent economy, the bold vision of the leadership requires the Kuwaiti government and private sectors to transform their operations through a digital transformation drive. This would not only help achieve the goals under vision 2035 but also position Kuwait as a strong cross-sector hub.

The webinar will explore the potential of utilizing the existing infrastructure as well as the need to implement a more advanced digital infrastructure in the governorate. Cross-sector conversations will highlight the potential and opportunities that can be unlocked in Kuwait via a digitalized private sector.


29 September 2020 - 12:00 pm

Cloud Technology Adoption: Value Add for Businesses or a Rescue Strategy

Cloud technology adoption is at the forefront of digital transformation across all organizations enabling a remote working environment. A global CIO survey conducted in May 2020 indicates that 79% of the survey participant groups are planning to adopt cloud technology based on the requirements of the business. Due to the pandemic, the demand has soared even further, and more companies are now leveraging cloud technology to ensure smooth business operations. But do organizations see value beyond ensuring remote operations?

Register and join us as we speak to industry experts on the rapid adoption of cloud and whether or not the businesses are leveraging its true potential. Discover the industry’s most important trends, challenges and opportunities within this space.


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