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The Role Of Business Resilience On The Road Of Recovery


2020 has put the adage that organizations are implementing digital transformation to the test and separated those that are truly resilient from those that aren’t. Now as organizations embark on the road to recovery, digital transformation is their top priority.

As the situation continues to evolve, more and more enterprises will look to rethink their business continuity strategies, with an eye on stabilizing their critical infrastructure and improving their response to unforeseen events. Agility is key, and leaders must now look to adjust to the new—and constantly evolving—requirements of an increasingly remote workforce.

Join this conversation, hosted in partnership with Oracle, where visionary executive leaders discuss the role of digital transformation in business resilience, how to withstand the disruptions and to re-balance business with the NOW and the NEXT. The conversation will deep dive into the biggest trends, challenges, and predictions for the future.

Key Discussions

  • What are the various innovative technology plays that will continue to stay relevant in the post COVID age and which are the new plays that will emerge?


  • How should leaders prioritize long term technology investments during current times?


  • With technology modernization featuring among the top priorities of global and local enterprises, what are the key challenges that leaders will face in the journey and how can they overcome these?

Who Should Attend?

This is a cross-industry discussion relevant to executives working across the following functions:

Human Resources

Supply Chain



Information Technology


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