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Women In Philanthropy and Charitable Care

Women In Philanthropy And Charitable Care

About the discussion

Charitable organizations around the globe have suffered in current months with income and fundraising streams drying up as millions of people faced greater financial difficulty. Now, when the global need for philanthropy is perhaps reaching a peak, many current charities are struggling to deliver the community benefits they were set up to deliver.

In this webinar, Forbes Middle East brings together women who are at the forefront of social movements, galvanizing communities to respond to change, and adopting socially responsible practices in philanthropy and to inspire a more in-depth understanding of how this pandemic could impact the vulnerable and nonprofit community.

In the current environment, with global markets subjected to an unprecedented economic downturn and ambiguity, it is now more important than ever to encourage empathy, generosity, and care-giving, with many people in communities struggling to cope, whether financially, physically or mentally.

23 July 2020 @ 8:00 pm GST


Former Miss USA, Executive Producer, and Ambassador
Children's Cancer Center Lebanon
Lebanon | USA

UN Women for Peace Association


CEO Gift Global Initiative
Commissioner Sybil Brand Commission

Director General, Friends of Cancer Patients
MSC Health Care Management (RCSI)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)

Director General
King Hussein Cancer Foundation

UN - Global Compact Network Lebanon

Managing Partner
Legal Circle
Australia | UAE



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