Forbes Middle East’s Sustainability Leaders’ Summit will bring together policymakers, heads of industry, and the region’s most influential leaders to uncover, debate, and find solutions for the biggest environmental challenges facing the region as we strive for a net-zero future.

With guided conversations focused on advancing climate action and the Middle East’s transition to a digital-first green economy, the summit will provide an important platform for advancing global progress toward combating the increasingly devastating effects of climate change. By working together to find actionable and effective answers to the most pressing questions, participants and attendees will collaborate to have a measurable impact on the region and future generations.

Summit Themes

The Net-Zero Promise

Leaders in the industry will debate on how limiting global warming to 1.5°C is beyond reach without immediate and extensive emission reductions across the energy, transport and industry sectors.

Transformative Technologies

From decarbonization to eco-friendly technologies, industry leaders will demonstrate how innovative technology is helping reduce our carbon footprint.

Financing The Green Transition

Climate-related disasters have caused millions to suffer worldwide, further necessitating the green transition. Innovative leaders will be discussing how both public and private entities face financing challenges due to high adaptation and mitigation costs.

The Rise Of Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy have become increasingly popular, Expert Entrepreneurs aim to lead a decline in operating costs and opening up opportunities in industries like manufacturing and mining.

Impact Entrepreneurship

Through innovative and sustainable business models, impact entrepreneurs aim to address social and environmental challenges to secure a greener tomorrow.

Merging Investment And Sustainability

By financing projects that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and shifting away from a linear economy, Industry leaders will negotiate how we can reduce waste and emissions while bolstering resilience and addressing climate change.


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