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Forbes Middle East Tech Voice
Forbes Tech Voice

Forbes Middle East

About Tech Voice

Amid the fourth industrial revolution, technology has left few things untouched. This has been accelerated even further due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, where companies no longer have a choice than to embrace the digital era.

As part of the Forbes Middle East Tech Summit, we will be hosting our “Tech Voice” webinar series leading up to the event. Under the theme of ‘Disrupting The Disruption,’ each webinar will discuss how a specific industry has been affected by the pandemic and how it is using technology to mitigate challenges and focus on business continuity.

Join us to learn from the leaders how they are preparing for a post-COVID-19 future and how you can gear up for Life 2.0 as we know it.

12:00 pm (GST) December 7

Smart Water Management and Climate Change: Reversing the damage

Sustainable use of water and reusing wastewater has not always been a high priority among businesses. However, increasing environmental awareness and increasing regulatory pressure to moderate the use of natural resources, industrial businesses of all types are looking for a new way to approach their use — and reuse — of water. Developments in technology are helping organizations implement more sustainable usage of water management. As with any new changes, some are hesitant to adopt the new technology, especially for such a valuable resource.
Join this discussion where we find out from experts how they are implementing smart water solutions to ensure an eco-friendly and sustainable operations. We will find out what are the challenges of adopting the new technology, what new opportunities the technology created and utilities are utilizing it to ensure a greener tomorrow.

If you missed out on our 4th Episode of our Tech Voice Retail virtual webinar "Smart Water Management and Climate Change: Reversing the damage”, do not worry, you can catch the full session right here!


Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority

Managing Director

Managing Director

President, Gulf Countries
Schneider Electric Gulf

Oliver Wyman

Exclusive Partners

12:00 pm (GST) November 17

Taming the Beast: Retail X.0

The new normal shifted shopping trends causing brick and mortar retailers to readjust their strategies to meet the changing needs of customers while ensuring their safety. As a result, traditional retailers started navigating digital platforms while existing e-commerce retails had to adapt to increased traffic and competition.
In this virtual conversation we will gather industry experts from across the retail ecosystem to discuss how they handled, managed and re-energized their presence online and how technology aided them in their endeavors.

If you missed out on our 3rd Episode of our Tech Voice Retail virtual webinar "Taming the Beast: Retail X.O”, do
not worry, you can catch the full session right here!


EVP Global e-commerce

Digital Workforce Evangelist
Automation Anywhere

Head of FMCG, Retail and e-commerce

Chief of Staff
Amazon MENA


Head of Client Partnerships
Tik Tok


6: 00 pm (GST) August 6

Disruptive Digital Banking

The pandemic has been the driving force behind a rapid digital transformation and the possibilities are endless of what new developments will arrive in the future. Did customer behaviour change for good? What possibilities does open banking, blockchain and digital currencies present for the future? Join regional and international experts as they debate these and other trending topics.

If you missed out on our 2nd Episode of our Tech Voice Retail virtual webinar "Disruptive Digital Banking", do not worry, you can catch the full session right here!


Global Head of Digital, Data and Development

Group Chief Technology Officer
First Abu Dhabi Bank

Chief Executive Officer

Senior Advisor

Senior Vice President
Digital Payments & Labs, Middle East & Africa

2 pm to 3 pm

Understanding Life 2.0: Embracing Change

How the government, healthcare and education sectors have deployed new technologies and ramped up existing ones to ensure seamless continuity of life and business? Join our first episode as we delve into life post COVID-19.

If you missed out on the 1st Episode of our Tech Voice Retail virtual webinar "Understanding Life 2.0: Embracing Life”, do not worry, you can catch the full session right here!

Click here to watch on Youtube


Amin Hussain Al

His Excellency Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri

Asst. Undersecretary of Public Health Policy and Licensing
Ministry of Health and Prevention

Zeina El Kaissi

Chief Digital Director
Smart Dubai

Dr. Mohammad Khaled

Vice President - Strategic Transformational Program

Dr. Lt Col. Hamad Alnuaimi

Head of Telecom Division
Abu Dhabi Police

Suraya Turk

Managing Partner
Legal Circle