Annabella Hilal is a Lebanese media personality, television host, and model. She is best known for hosting the hit show Celebrity Duets airing on Lebanese MTV across the Arab speaking world with an estimated viewership of over 1 billion people.
Born and raised in Beirut, Annabella Hilal holds a master’s degree in law and doctorat in civil law. She started her career in television after participating in the Miss Lebanon beauty pageant in 2005 and Miss World in 2006, in which she ranked among the top five contestants.
Hilal began as an anchor on the variety shows Mission Fashion and Helwe w Murra airing on the Lebanese TV station LBC. She joined the MBC team, to present their lead show Arab Idol before moving to MTV where in addition to Celebrity Duets, she has actively presented a number of TV specials including Miss Lebanon. She joined the MBC team
one again to present their first season of The Voice Seniors as well as the third season
of The Voice Kids.
In addition to her TV career, Hilal markets her own brand of Cosmetics, a Swiss luxury brand she has perfected with her husband, famed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nader Saab.
Annabella attributes her success to a multidimensional professional background, a charismatic presence and her spontaneous personality that has become her trademark.
She is also an active philanthropists collaborating wit several NGOs and awareness
campaigns. She is also a regular trending figure on Twitter. Annabella is one of the leading influencers on social media and one of the only Arab celebrities to have surpassed 3.5M followers on Instagram.