Dr. Mohammed Amin is a serial entrepreneur who dedicated his journey towards developing innovative healthcare delivery models that focus on enhancing the quality of life and lifting the disease burden with clear impact on health, socioeconomic, financial, and sustainability outcomes. On his path Dr. Amin founded 35+ ventures and initiatives in the horizon of healthcare delivery innovation and life sciences. He is currently Co-Founder & CEO at Elaj Group & Tawasol Holding, as well as Co-Founder & Executive MD at Alborg Diagnostics. Elaj today is one of the leading healthcare providers in MENA providing care through 150+ medical centers, labs, and hospitals in 10 countries. Since its foundation, Dr. Amin has established it as a network dedicated to an integrated healthcare delivery model that is aimed at improving clinical outcomes and enhancing the overall patient experience. Tawasol is mainly focused on investing in and operating healthcare providers in Africa having recently acquired ANMC, the biggest hospital in Egypt. Dr. Amin founded Al-Borg Diagnostics in 2000, establishing the largest chain of labs in MENA. Dr. Amin graduated from the Cairo University with an M.B.B.CH in 1984. He went on to complete his Masters M.Sc. E.N.T. in 1996 and has been granted the PhD (Hon) degree in Economics and Business Management from Oxford University.