Dr. Reem is a Global Thought leader in Cyber Security and Digital Transformation with more than
two decades of experience who had led significant changes to the maturity of cybersecurity and
technology in Energy sector, which is closely linked to Kuwait’s National CyberSecurity posture,
and Digital Oil Fields transformation journeys.
She is a passionate leader whose valuable contribution to cybersecurity and technology is
recognized at national, regional and international levels. She promotes Diversity as she is the
Head of Gender PMO in Kuwait’s Oil Sector Council of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). She is
Founding Partner and Board member of Women in CyberSecurity MiddleEast (WiCSME), which
has +1300 members across the region. Having a number of Academic and Professional degrees
such as Engineering, MBA, PhD and Harvard’s Business School Executives Program provides her
with a great mixture of technical and management skills that enrich her current Leadership role.
Dr. Reem represents her country in a number of regional and global program and forums, and is
recognized as an “Innovator” and “Wild Card” who continues to ‘push the envelope’ to get to the
most optimum outcome on an initiative or a project. She is an Awards winner of national,
regional and global accolades such as Global’s EWF’s Regional Leadership Award, ranked #1 at
IFSEC Global Top Influencers in Security & Fire, MESA’s Women Security Leaders Award, ” and
The Arab CISO of the Year”.
She’s a very active contributor to Cyber Security Community promoting collaboration via sharing
of knowledge “#StrongerTogether”, organizing various CyberSecurity related workshops/events
and meetups, as well as participating as Judge in various Prestigious Awards as well as an
Advisory Board member and a Keynote Speaker in various national, regional, and international
forums. She contributed as Co-Author various publications including SPE Articles, MIT Review
Articles, CyberSecurity Books and PhD researches. She’s a community member in the World
Economic Forum’s Program “Cyber Resilience in Oil & Gas”. She’s a TEDx Speaker where her
TEDx Talk is titled “Let your passion lead the way” to inspire others to follow their dreams.
She is a true inspiration to a number of young Women to strive for more. As she strongly
believe that when any Woman rise, we ALL as women rise along with her.