After completing her master’s degree at Istanbul University, Department of Business Administration and Finance Institution, she founded “Güven Çini ve Seramik” in 1992. Since 1998, she has been leading the creative processes of all branches of the Gürok Group. Including award-winning brands as LAV, the 5th largest glassware producer in the world, Ali Bey Hotels & Resorts, which brings innovation in the tourism industry, JOALI Maldives, the luxury segment hotel, and JOALI BEING, the Maldives’s first well-being hotel.

She has been appointed as the first female Chamber of Commerce and Industry president both in Turkey and Kütahya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Aiming to make a difference in industries, Esin Güral Argat focuses on sustainability, regional development and gender equality through the civil society studies she developed in the Board of TÜSİAD, TİKAD, GIRVAK and TÜRKONFED. As the Board Member of Fenerbahçe Sports Club- responsible of Fenerium- and as a member of Tourism Working Group, Social Relations Commissions, Women’s Working Group in the EU process, and Women 20; she continues to create space for projects that contribute to people and future.