Evlin Abdullah Khalifa is Miss Universe Bahrain 2022. She made headlines during the Miss Universe competition with her strong message of ‘Equality’ during the swimsuit round segment of the competition where she stood out wearing a pink burkini.

The 24-year-old Russian-Bahraini model was crowned Miss Universe Bahrain in September and competed in the 71st Miss Universe pageant last 14 January 2023, which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

She calls Riffa, Bahrain home – and is very close with her family.Born to a Russian mother and Bahraini father, Evlin Abdullah-Khalifa grew up in the Kingdom’s second-largest city, Riffa.

She is a trained pianist and Taekwondo artist. She graduated from 5 different schools: music, dancing, modeling, taekwondo and comprehensive. Evlin is passionate about education in different ways.

She’s working to raise awareness for various charities and initiatives. She closely works with Smile Train, the world’s largest cleft charity that works to raise funds so children around the world can have their clelt-palettes and lips corrected with reconstructive surgery.

During her reign, she visited the Philippines to work with the Philippine Red Cross and Philippine General Hospital to create awareness about education in kids and access to free medicine for pediatric patients.

She believes that it’s never late to study. After graduation from the university (bachelor’s degree of finance and banking) she continued her education through online classes by consistently improving her Arabic and English skills and studying psychology through the books. Evlin believes in the power of education and it should be provided and accesible for everyone.