Kindah Sais serves as the Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leader for Middle East and Africa
(Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Africa and Turkey). She is responsible for aligning Boeing’s diversity &
inclusion efforts with the customs and sub-cultures in the region, which houses a number of Boeing’s
major customers.
Reporting to the Manager for diversity & Inclusion, for Boeing International, Sais leads and
provides diversity & inclusion products, services and strategies to diversity councils, Business Resource
Groups, Leadership Teams and other groups, domestically and internationally. Her responsibilities also
include enhancing local presence and providing global functional support, through extending diversity
reach within the region & global sites in the organization, in addition to creating, supporting & developing
regional strategies, to grow working women and minority groups across the region. Sais was appointed
to the role in 2016.
Kindah has been working in the Diversity & Inclusion function, for over 15 years, with a variety
of multinational organizations. Prior to joining Boeing, she served as the Talent Practice, Diversity &
Inclusion Head, for Procter & Gamble, Saudi Arabia, where she led the Talent Supply & Development,
Diversity & Inclusion Strategies, Trainings and Practices, for the Kingdom since 2006, when she joined
as the first Saudi female in the organization’s Human Resource Department and earned a number of
diversity & Inclusion certifications.
A Saudi national who was chosen as one of Saudi Arabia’s top 100 business women in 2011,
holds a Bachelor’s Degree, with a triple major in International Business, Management and E-Commerce
& Information Systems, from Seattle University. She then earned her MBA Degree from the American
University of Beirut.
Kindah also serves as the Ambassador for Seattle University’s Saudi & Middle East Alumni
Association, and has worked with the Arab Community of the State of WA and University of
Washington, among other universities, institutions and communities, on a variety of gender and
cultural programs and activities. Her passion is fueled by looking for the difference that makes the