Laila Mostafa Abdullatif is the Director General of Emirates Nature-WWF, the local environment NGO charity that works in association with WWF, one of the world’s largest conservation organizations. She is a highly respected Emirati conservationist, with over 13 years of experience driving innovation, scalability and strategic multistakeholder collaboration to ensure transformative impact for climate and nature.

Laila is a member of the COP28 Advisory Committee, through which she advises the COP28 President on science-based solutions for conservation, sustainability and the green economy. An industry disruptor with a proven aptitude for growth, she is also part of the UAE’s Circular Economy Council, the WWF Innovation Committee and serves as Chair of the WWF Asia Pacific 25 (AP25) – a coalition of 25 offices working together to catalyze innovation and impact.

Laila firmly believes in the importance of an activated civil society, one that acknowledges the vital connection between nature and humanity, and is inclusive of youth as well as local indigenous communities. Under her stewardship, Emirates Nature-WWF earned cabinet recognition as an environmental charity in the UAE.

In the lead up to COP28 and beyond, she is spearheading numerous pioneering initiatives that include the UAE-tailored alliance of non-state actors for climate action (UACA) as well as the nation’s flagship climate adaptation project (Nature-based Solutions).