Martin is a dynamic and visionary CEO known for his entrepreneurial spirit, unwavering transparency, and relentless diligence in all his endeavours. With a career spanning diverse roles from fast moving unicorn startups to highly regulated corporate environments and government organisations, Martin’s real skill lies in assembling and empowering effective teams.

Martin’s remarkable journey includes twelve years as a UK police officer, transitioning into being one of the earliest team members at the UK-based start-up, Britishvolt. As one of the first employees, Martin played a pivotal role in propelling this battery technology developer to ‘unicorn’ status in a mere 18 months—an achievement that made history in the UK.

Today, Martin serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Zero Carbon Ventures. Embarking on a journey dedicated to assisting the UAE in achieving Net Zero status, a testament to his commitment to sustainable progress. He continues to chart a course toward a brighter, more sustainable future for all.