Nadia Zaal, a prominent Emirati entrepreneur, founded Zaya in 2008, specializing in high-end real estate and hospitality. She played a pivotal role in developing Nurai Island, notable for its sustainable features like a floating solar plant and eco-friendly transport options. As the CEO of Al Barari Group, she led the creation of Al Barari, a premium, eco-conscious community with extensive green spaces, showcasing her unwavering commitment to sustainability. Currently, Zaal is at the helm of several new projects under development, such as ZUHA Island, where sustainable practices take precedence. These practices include the utilization of solar power as the primary energy source and the implementation of a coral transplant program. Another noteworthy project is Al Fanar School, Dubai’s first non-mainstream school, where Zaal is creating a harmonious educational environment through Earth building techniques, integration with natural surroundings, and a strong focus on sustainability and ecological health in the construction. Furthermore, Al Fanar School will feature biodynamic farming to promote a holistic approach to education and environmental stewardship.