Saif Ahmed Belhasa, Chairman of Saif Belhasa Holding (SBGC), and Winner of CEO Middle East 2007 Business Expansion Award for Dubai’s most successful establishment, started his prolific career after obtaining degree in Business Management from the Al Ain University in 1988. With 30 years of diversified experience in the field of business and entrepreneurship, Saif Ahmed Belhasa embarked on a number of commercial ventures in the Middle East which lead to the birth of Saif Belhasa Holding.

Saif Belhasa Holding is running over 50+ business divisions and more than 10,000 staff across various sectors ranging from transportation, travel & tourism, money exchange, interior designing & fit out, labour supply, recruitment, fashion retail, restaurant franchises through to real estate, building/construction materials and many more.

Saif Ahmed Belhasa oversees the operation of the group and the only authorized person to sign the contracts. The group’s rapid expansion can be attributed to Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s distinct ability to build long term business relationships with suppliers and customers, which assisted in the development of the business interests of the member companies. Saif Ahmed Belhasa has made Saif Belhasa, the name a unique asset representing leadership with trust and excellence through differentiated and high profile projects. With established roots in diversified businesses, Saif Ahmed Belhasa geared the group to become one of the most respected organisation in UAE.

Saif Belhasa Holding is the holding company for our diversified portfolio of businesses. We have been quietly building long term relationships with suppliers and customers in helping to develop the business interests of our member companies. 

At the Saif Belhasa Holding our purpose is to improve the quality of service provided to the consumer we serve. We do this through leadership in various sectors to which group brings a unique set of capabilities.

Saif Belhasa name is a unique asset representing leadership with trust. Leveraging this asset to enhance group synergy and becoming globally competitive is the route to sustained growth and long-term success.
Awards & achievements –

1) Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa wins the CEO Middle East Awards 2007 for the largest expansion in the region

2) Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa was the 38th position among the 500 most powerful Arabs in the world.

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