Shaista Asif is the Group Chief Operating Officer at Pure Health, the largest integrated healthcare company in the UAE. Overseeing the Group’s diversified portfolio, including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, health insurance, healthcare procurement, and health tech solutions, Shaista is at the forefront in changing the way healthcare is delivered in the country. She has spearheaded the largest number of healthcare acquisitions in the UAE over the last three years, making Pure Health the fastest-growing healthcare company in the region.

With a strong track record in delivering transformational change, Shaista has led Pure Health’s consolidation, spearheading the execution of the Group’s strategy, quality distinction, growth, and development in the healthcare segment in the UAE since 2010. With over 17 years in senior leadership positions in the healthcare and technology domain, Shaista brings a wealth of experience in strategic planning and is recognised for her in-depth analytical ability to facilitate operational and procedural planning to focus on the Group’s growth and optimisation.

Moving from sick care to preventive care, Shaista’s North Star is Longevity. Pure Health is working towards creating the ‘Healthcare in the Cloud’ as its enabler, where the company is focused on embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution. Shaista believes in Technological Singularity, and how the increase in compute power is bringing it closer. Pure Health is working towards creating a healthcare ecosystem where people don’t fall sick, but instead live healthier and fuller lives, for longer!