Sham AlZahabi is a highly respected scientist & founder of Dao Derma skin
clinic. She attained both her bachelor’s & master’s degreee in chemistry at the
American University in Cairo. In 2018, She was granted full scholarships to
continue her PhD graduate studies at both Oxford and Cambridge universities.
She chose Cambridge University to study collagen and bio mimicry of skin with
the Duer group. Sham’s graduate studies have always entailed understanding
skin from a scientific perspective. Her Master’s thesis was done in
collaboration with Eva cosmetics where she worked for 4 years as a senior
R&D specialist for skin formulations, and was able to develop a nano carrier
made of bio-materials that enhances the efficacy and penetration of actives in
cosmetics. Her graduate studies in Cambridge and now continued in AUC aim
at understanding the molecular changes that takes place in the skin both due to
extrinsic & intrinsic factors.
In a short time, Sham was able to distinguish her business with the scientific
edge she employs, and natural regenerative approach of skin she advocates for
in her work. Her slogan is “Beauty comes from within”, where she has been a
pioneer in the market for bringing IV vitamin therapy for the first time in
Egypt. Using a sophisticated tailoring of both skin & nutrition programs that
uses high technology machines such as skin analysers, so-check AI, and
genomics, the services offered made Dao Derma stand out in the market.Dao
Derma has served more than nineteen thousand patients since 2019, with an
annual growth of 58.7% in 2021 and 66.6% in 2022. Sham is currently working
on expanding into Saudi Arabia, and branching in Egypt due to the market
demand for her expertise and unique services. Sham’s goals do not stop there,
instead, she continually invests in research where she collaborates with Nawah
scientific laboratories & research groups at AUC university to further explore
and innovate in the fields of regenerative medicine. Sham developed an
autologous technique using blood samples to extract highly purified fibrin rich
plasma that is superior to the traditional PRP treatments for hair and skin. She
also hosts scientific meetings where she invites renowned Professors and
pioneers in the field to share their expertise and discuss the future in the
Sham inherited her love for the arts and adopted piano as her tool to take out
her passion for music. She finished all grades in Trinity college with excellence
in performance and continued further studies in piano at Le Conservatoire,
Cairo, while doing her Masters in Chemistry. Sham’s diverse talents and love
and care for her family and philanthropic work has made her gain popularity at
a young age as a young influencer in 2014 when her instagram profile became
public, now reaching 1.7 Million followers. Her brand Dao Derma has also
gained popularity reaching 400K+ followers on all social media platforms. She
is now a brand ambassador for L’Oréal and formerly served as an ambassador
for Aveeno.