Shaun carved out his early years as a retail leader with one of the UK best loved Brands, Marks & Spencer. Where he carved out a strong reputation in Retail Operations and Customer Care.

In 2004 the healthcare ecosystem was moving fast and innovating new roles. Shaun Joined Boots UK and brought a focus for putting patients at the heart of the business and fast decisive decision making whilst delivering change management and leadership innovation across his teams

Shaun joined AKI in the UAE in 2019, and since then has be central the re-invention of Bin Sina Pharmacy chain under AKI and has spent the last 12 months working with ADQ and PHG in building and launching the new pharmacy chain ‘The Life Corner’. Shaun is currently the CEO. He brings energy and experience and senior strategic leadership into organisations enabling them to innovate, modernize and move quickly to be a head of the competition