Talal Al Ajmi is a young Kuwaiti entrepreneur, his passion towards financial markets and trading made him become one of the well-known figures in this field both in Kuwait and the Middle East. He graduated from the university of Philadelphia with a bachelor’s degree in information technology, however, he had always seen himself as an entrepreneur and a business man.He started his journey of success at an early stage during his academic years in university, where he managed couple of small family businesses with his cousins and brothers, then when he came back to Kuwait, he wanted to pursue his dream and work at an investment company to gain more knowledge. After he had worked couple of years in this field he got inspired to move forward and build his empire. He held various positions in several financial companies and eventually included his career as a financial broker in order to launch a new career as an entrepreneur.His ambition had no boundaries, and he believed that through education anything is possible.So, in 2010 he founded and established Version International Markets in Kuwait and currently hold the position of CEO and a board member at One Financial Markets (the main partner) . VI Markets provide the investors in Kuwait a tailored online trading service, partnered with One Financial Markets, which was established in London 2007. One Financial Markets is regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and offers global presence with local expertise through its wholly owned and affiliated offices throughout the Middle East, Europe, South America and Central and South East Asia.Of course, the journey was full of obstacles and challenges, like any other business. Talal faced countless difficulties, the main one was to secure capital as a start off, and then raising society awareness through educating them on how to trade in international markets.His goal has been to promote sustainable development via education, he established VI Markets in a modest building with few employees, knowing that this field faced fierce competition from different existing companies he still managed to move forward and build it step by step. His main focus was to educate the people in Kuwait who are interested in trading and then let them start their own journey by managing their portfolios.Social media served him well but differently as he managed to attract a huge base of existing and newly traders in Kuwait and the Middle east, through sharing with them his daily trades and educating them on how to manage their portfolios. This allowed him to become closer to the audience interested and supported his success.Because he believed that through education anything is possible, he had always wanted to start an initiative that served the women in Kuwait and the Middle east; knowing that they shared the same desire to enter the financial markets but were shy to open up during workshops done by the company. So, the idea of Yasmeen came up. Yasmeen is a forum exclusively for womendesigned to support female empowerment in business and the world of financial investment through bespoke educational services and outstanding personal support, tailored training and trading solutions that supports growth and pursue commercial and educational goals.Talal changed the concept of trading within this market through providing them with the right education (workshops and seminars) and obtaining the FCA licenses, that insured credibility and professionalism. His clear and consistent vision has paved the way with continuous success and allowed him to obtain high market share in Kuwait and the Middle East along with gaining the best partner in the Middle East for the well-known trading company One Financial Markets.