Yara Yassin co-founded Up-fuse in 2015. Yara’s goal with Up-fuse was not just to create an eco-conscious brand that raises environmental awareness. Along with recycling more than a million plastic bags, over 160,000 tires and 1300 plus water bottles, Up-fuse also works with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across Egypt and supports more than 80 artisanal women from Cairo by creating jobs for them in the community for a better life.

Yara’s passion for green economy, social empowerment and product design are her everyday fuel for taking risks, failing, learning, achieving and not being afraid to start over again. The entrepreneur has represented women from the Middle East in Several World Bank Events and continues to set an example for others with her many achievements as per below:

She was awarded by the UN Environment.

She won first place at the WeMENA competition, a business contest designed by the World Bank to support and boost female entrepreneurship in the region.