The Dubai Government aims for a quarter of transportation to be autonomous in the emirate by 2030, which is why they are launching initiatives to accelerate the adoption of autonomous driving. There are numerous requirements that have to be taken into consideration such as the right infrastructure, regulations, policies, and network.

In this discussion, we will be exploring what innovative steps are being taken to achieve autonomous driving and how does infrastructure play a key role in supporting this endeavor. We will highlight how public and private players are working in tandem to build a digitalized ecosystem? We will further discuss on how local research & development will help take this vision forward.

Join this virtual discussion where we find out how autonomous driving will pave the way towards the future of mobility in the Middle East.


Professor Ghaleb Ali Al Hadrami Al Breiki

Vice Chancellor


Tariq Al Awadhi

Executive Director


Zakaraya Al Ashek

Director, Solution Marketing, 5G, Iot Connectivity & Iot Mobility


Eng. Ali Al Awadi

Head of Technology Service Enablement


Wojciech Bajda

Vice President and Head Ericsson Gulf Council Countries


Suraya Turk

Managing Partner

Legal Circle


Smart Mobility Partner

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