Companies across the world are embracing technologies to move a step closer to digital transformation. Forbes in partnership with GBM Oman, is gathering experts to discuss the adoption of technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data, etc. and how are companies looking to increase efficiency and improve customer experience.

Forbes in partnership with GBM Oman, is gathering experts to discuss:

– How automation allows organizations to alter and scale business processes quickly for effective response to the unprecedented changes in today’s environment.

– The critical success factors for implementing RPA for the financial services industry.

– The new fintech & incubation initiatives of Central Bank of Oman in Oman’s Financial sector.

– How to deliver more productivity in the processes, cost savings, and improvement in customer experience.


Saikat Podder

Associate Partner, Cognitive Process Transformation


Jessy El Murr

Certified Media Trainer & Digital Journalist

Ewan MacLeod

Chief Transformation Officer

Sohar International (SAOG)

Eddy Aboud


GBM Oman

Codin Caragea

Head of Customer Experience

Bank Muscat

Asma Al Zadjali

Head of Group Banking Operations

Oman Arab Bank

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