Alaa AlZawawi is a dynamic and influential Saudi serial entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark across a spectrum of diverse industries. With an unwavering passion for entrepreneurship and brand development, she has emerged as a prominent figure, boasting an impressive portfolio spanning the realms of Food & Beverage, beauty & wellness, and technology.

Alaa’s commitment extends beyond her business pursuits. She is a tireless advocate for women’s empowerment and business diversity, relentlessly shattering glass ceilings and amplifying the spirit of modern entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Her dedication to fostering a more inclusive and equitable business landscape is truly remarkable, as she strives to create opportunities and inspire countless aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women, to follow in her footsteps.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Middle East’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Alaa AlZawawi stands as a beacon of inspiration and a force for positive change, embodying the ideals of innovation, diversity, and empowerment.

She is currently the founder of Momos Saudi & Foul and Tamees, Co-Founder of Gift-It, and Partner at Zaaz.