Haneen Asfour is a dynamic force in the world of youth empowerment and community development. In 2019, she ignited her passion for change by founding a remarkable community organization, Level Up, that has since empowered countless youth. With unwavering dedication, Haneen has been a catalyst for positive social change, using her platform to inspire and uplift the next generation through social media, workshops, and her TEDx talk.

Haneen’s journey took a significant leap when she assumed the role of PR Manager at GMG. In this capacity, she’s leveraged her strategic communication skills to amplify important messages, foster partnerships, and drive corporate social responsibility initiatives. Her visionary leadership has consistently bridged the gap between corporate objectives and social impact, leaving an indelible mark on GMG’s reputation from the lense of Gen Z.

Her unwavering commitment to youth empowerment and her outstanding achievements in the field of public relations make her an inspiring figure in both the corporate and social realms. Her story is one of purpose, passion, and unwavering dedication to making the world a better place for future generations. She is also currently assisting youngsters achieve their dream roles and careers through her startup, Level Up Careers.